What's new in the last InterSub update
We regularly add new functionality and features to the app. Below you will find what's new in InterSub lately. If you have a feature request or feedback, you can always send us them via this form.
ver 3.61.0
Added additional control on subtitles appearance:
  • choice between wide and narrow background
  • auto-pause switching off/on
Quick native and learning languages switching (back and forth) in the lookup bubble
English-Vietnamese dictionary
ver 3.57.0
Now we work on LinkedIn Learning platform.
ver 3.54.0
We have added the ability to align subtitles vertically. So if you have long wanted to have subs lower (or, suddenly, higher?) on any of the supported sites, now you can do it in the Settings.

We've also added full support for RTL languages, like Hebrew or Arabic. Now, when you translate into these languages, everything is shown correctly everywhere in the UI.
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